Humberto Ortiz-Silva, Reception/Legal Assistant

Humberto Ortiz-Silva, Legal Assistant Humberto Ortiz-Silva was born in La Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, and migrated to Los Angeles, California with his family as a youth. After completing his Associates Degree in Social Sciences at Pasadena City College (PCC), Humberto earned his B.A. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley in the spring of 2014. While at PCC and Berkeley, Humberto was active in migrant justice work both on campus and off campus. He joined HaleyNelson & Heilbrun LLP in November 2015 where he continues serving migrant communities as the receptionist/legal assistant. Through this position, Humberto is responsible for conducting initial client screenings, drafting correspondence, filing applications and documents with a variety of immigration offices and the court, and interacting directly with clients on a daily basis. He hopes to keep offering support and resources to local migrant workers and families.

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