Criminal Convictions, Detention and Bond

A criminal conviction can result in detention, ineligibility for immigration applications, loss of immigration status and potentially removal from the United States. Having fierce, knowledgeable legal representation can make all the difference in your case.

The crossover between criminal and immigration law is incredibly complex and is subject to frequent changes due to different interpretations of the law by the courts. Our attorneys have extensive experience in these types of cases and stay on top of changes in the law so we can provide the most ethical, creative and effective representation of you or your family member.
If you are a legal permanent resident, are undocumented or overstayed your visa, and have been arrested on a criminal charge, you should seek representation by a criminal attorney for the criminal charge, and representation of a knowledgeable immigration attorney who understands the consequences of criminal convictions. HaleyNelson and Heilbrun attorneys often consult with criminal defense attorneys during the criminal plea process to help reduce the risk of prolonged detention and deportation.

Our attorneys also represent clients with criminal convictions in bond proceedings. Where ICE does not set a bond or release the individual with conditions, or where they set a bond that it is too high, we can help you request a bond hearing before an Immigration Judge to set a bond or lower the amount of the bond.

Our firm’s expertise and strong advocacy can make a crucial difference in obtaining your release on bond, in helping you keep or obtain permanent residence or in your ability to become a citizen.