Family Immigration

One of the most important rights a lawful permanent resident or U.S. citizen has is the ability to petition, or sponsor, a family member for permanent residence. For family members in the U.S., the process is called Adjustment of Status and requires that the foreign-born applicant must have been inspected and admitted to the United States, must be in lawful immigrant status, must have a visa immediately available, must make an application and attend an interview, and must otherwise be admissible (i.e. no crimes, no fraud, etc.) or apply for a waiver.  Alternatively. citizens and permanent residents can petition to bring their family members into the United States through Consular Processing for a family visa.

The attorneys at HaleyNelson & Heilbrun, LLP have extensive experience in both processes. We know each family’s situation is unique, and we approach each application individually.  Our goal is to get to know you and your family, provide an honest assessment of which option(s) will be the most effective and successful for you, and work with you obtain a timely and positive outcome. 

Specifically, we can help with marriage-based petitions, petitions for parents, children, stepchildren, adopted children, brother and sisters; petitions to remove conditions to permanent residence jointly and if there has been a separation or divorce, as well as  waivers based on hardship to family members if there have been past immigration violations or criminal convictions.