There are two primary ways to obtain U.S. citizenship:

  • Naturalization — The process through which a person becomes a U.S. citizen after fulfilling all legal requirements
  • Citizenship — Status acquired or derived by an individual by way of their parents’ citizenship or naturalization


There are several requirements to becoming a United States citizen, and our office can help you determine whether you are eligible to naturalize. Eligibility can be affected by a number of things, including prolonged absences from the United States; overseas employment or military service; criminal convictions; and medical or mental health disabilities. HaleyNelson and Heilbrun, LLP has experience in complex naturalization cases including those requiring disability waivers, individuals who have won their residency in removal proceedings, and individuals with criminal histories.

In some cases, an individual may already be a citizen of the United States but be unaware that they acquired that status through a native-born or naturalized parent or grandparent. Our office can help determine if you acquired U.S. citizenship.